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We are pizza artisans who are constantly exploring ingredients and the ever changing food culture in order to offer you a unique, healthy and nutritious product, which is suitable for everyone.

We have selected the best Italian whole wheat flour especially for you: organic, healthy, rich in nutrients, free from chemicals, herbicides, processes which alter what Mother Nature produced.

The product is for ourselves. We eat our own product, and we invented it because we want to eat healthily
and feel light and guilt-free.

We want to thank you!

Dear loyal pizza consumers,
For the past year, we’ve had the unique honor of serving slices and smiles with the Park Slope community. Your support (and love for true Italian cuisine!) has meant the absolute world to us.

On December 22nd we’ve closed our Park Slope doors, but those doors are re-opening in our new Manhattan locations! We’re incredibly excited to bring our heartfelt creations to a new audience and we hope you’ll join us too.

To say thank you for your immense love and support, we’re hosting a community pizza party on Saturday, January 4th from noon to 3pm at our Park Slope location! Stop by, grab a free slice (or two) and celebrate the start of a new chapter with us!

We can’t wait to serve you again!