Mother Dough


Italian Entrepreneur and Pastry Chef Elisa Rizzi. Elisa is a creative and passionate Pastry Chef with a 10-year experience. Former as Pastry Chef in NYC at Four Season NY, Gotham Restaurant with previous experiences in Italy with World Championship Pastry Master Mr. Iginio Massari.


Mother Dough introduces a brand new way of making pizza by revolutionizing a dish too often frowned upon into an extraordinary one. We have taken pizza to the next level by using high quality products while obtaining a nutritional boost.

Our dough is really special! It goes through a 48-hour natural leavening process which makes our pizza crunchy outside, soft inside, lighter and really easily digestible. In order to achieve this, our founder Elisa Rizzi mixes wholewheat flour with a unique selection of 100% organic imported Italian grains. We ensure nutritious properties are fully preserved and their natural rich flavors are maintained.

Our Commitments

  • We have selected the best Italian whole wheat flour especially for you: organic, healthy, rich in nutrients, free from chemicals, herbicides, processes which alter what Mother Nature produced. 
  • We have selected the best products to garnish every single slice of our pizza. 
  • We keep up on our research and development activities by investing our time and profits in improving our products.
  • The product is for ourselves. We eat our own product, and we invented it because we want to eat healthily and feel light and guilt-free.
  • We are pizza artisans who are constantly exploring ingredients and the ever changing food culture in order to offer you a unique, healthy and nutritious product, which is suitable for everyone.